(c) Monica Uhm
The motor runs in a cough and a sputter and the wheels grip tight on the earth / Mad dirt flies in a huff all a flutter and it bounces off the hood like its cursed / Here we go down this vacant road / Take me home, I’m begging the radio

The highway back seems so much further, can’t remember when this road got old / Something’s been wrong but couldn’t put a fingeron a pulse when the blood ran cold / As you drive through the hollow night, I’m by your side but do you notice when I cry / Here we go back down the hard way home / Take me home, I’m begging the radio

Aimless knobs playing catch with the stations, signals grow stiff and paranoid / But hook, line and sinker would drown if we think too loud so let’s just race through the void / Let's just ride, let's just make it through tonight / I'm alright, but will the radio fade and die / Here we go down back down the long way home / Broken road - you're killing the radio / You’re killing the radio / Radio