Nevertheless (music and lyrics by Monica Uhm ©2017)

He was nine when he went walking, just as sure as he could be - Books and dreams they made it obvious, stars are in his destiny - They said you should not be here - People like you aren’t meant for this - Nevertheless, nevertheless, he’d persist

No other choice left in the rubble, ten in a dayboat built for two - Seeking refuge to be human, like we’re all entitled to - They try to trip them as they run - Resenting that they can exist - Nevertheless, nevertheless, they persist

They march onward for their children - They stand ground on sacred lands - They read letters for the voiceless - They hold outcasts by the hands - Words forewarned in chamber halls - Chastised for hers but not for his - Nevertheless, nevertheless, she persists

I found the drumbeat I can dance to, a dusty trail carved by my feet - I’ve traveled farther going solo, resistance has sculpted me - They try to put me in my place, they try to tell me how it is - Nevertheless, nevertheless, I persist

They hold fast to morning pledges, in being all that they could be - To uphold the inalienable rights of the brave and of the free - But where’s this land of the free if freedom’s doled out from a list - Nevertheless, nevertheless, please persist

Nevertheless, nevertheless, we persist - we persist
Monica Uhm (vocals, acoustic guitar) James Kirkpatrick (drums) Greg Schettino (bass) Jon Cobert (organ, piano) Carsen Winters (bass clarinet) Ken Dircks (mandolin, vocals) Nicole Alifante (vocals), Joe DiGiorgi (vocals) Liam Winters (vocals) Bowerman Family (vocals)