from: Skope Magazine on October 12, 2018

Trio Of Awesuhm New Single ‘Nevertheless’

Have you ever been to New York or New York City? A sky covered with the world’s Most eclectic skyscrapers, or even a place once attacked in one of the most remembered days in the entire world’s eyes—September 11…No, although no one will ever forget that day, it is nice to have pleasant movement coming from an iconic place… That movement is none other than the Folk Band, Trio Of Awesuhm and there is something special with their new single, ‘Nevertheless.’ 

Trio Of Awesuhm consists of Lead Singer-Songwriter Monica Uhm, Bassist Ken Dircks, Guitarist Greg Schettino, Keyboardist Sammy Wags, and Drummer James Kirkpatrick. With a unique blend of guitar and a pristine voice that takes a person on a journey, there is something magical in Trio Of Awesuhm. As intriguing as their name, anyone that can tell a story, CAN SAVE AN ENTIRE NATION! At first listen, Trio Of Awesuhm have an Americana/Folk sheen that can be heard in the likes of Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Lisa Loeb, and Sarah McLachlan—-Which IS AWESOME! Channeling a very vintage sound with a modern Folk approach, ‘Nevertheless’ is that song that really places that true smile on the faces of those listening! While there is something magical happening in ‘Nevertheless,’ Nevertheless just IS…A breath of fresh air and a memory waiting to happen, Trio Of Awesuhm got it right with this one!

 At first listen, ‘Nevertheless,’ is that song that brings us on a journey…We’ve all been on a journey before but the one that is being distributed to us all through song is the one that everyone that has ever made it in life, has been on…Monica Ulm, the lead singer-songwriter of Trio Of Awesuhm, has an amazing, dreamy twinkle of stardom with her warm and passionate vocals…She causes the listener to be mesmerized just because her voice seems to call for those around to take her hand and follow. And the journey begins…Direct lyrics from the everlasting ‘Nevertheless’ is almost All-American in disposition and poise: “He was nine when he went walking…Just as sure as he could be…Books and dreams they made it obvious stars are in his destiny…They said you should not be here…People like you aren’t meant for this…Nevertheless, Nevertheless, he persists…” WOW! The backing musicians all seem very professional in their adaptation of their instruments and the best part is that they seem to build from the moment the first notes are played. All in all, this was a treat to hear! 

Time after time, journeys are made whether they are chosen by us or chosen for us…Trio Of Awesuhm is definitely on a journey to making lasting music that will stand 40 years from now…’Nevertheless’ is that song that everyone should have a listen to and just see what memories can be made from it! This band comes highly recommended and with a resume that seems to be stacking on top of itself, it would be a rewarding experience to catch them live and in action! However you catch up with them, Nevertheless, you will be left in awe! 

Rating 10 / 10

from: TUNEDLOUD! on October 11, 2018 

 Trio Of Awesuhm is the moniker of singer-songwriter Monica Uhm and her collective of diverse and talented collaborators she’s met and worked with through the years. The New York based band’s sound has been described as “philoso-folk on the rocks”. The project’s debut album is called “Cowboys&Aliens” which has a common hint of Americana across all the tracks but draw heavily from the eclectic musical experience and interests of its members. The core of the band is made up of Monica Uhm (lead vocalist, lyricist and composer), James Kirkpatrick (drummer and percussionist), Ken Dircks (bass – upright/electric), Greg “Glue” Schettino (lead guitarist) and Sammy Wags (keyboards). Projects like this are blurring the lines between country, folk, pop and rock, and creating new fans for all these genres in the process. Great heart-felt lyrics, melodic harmonies and inspiring lead vocals. Storytellers with something worthwhile to say and saying it so beautifully to a broad audience

They walk that fine line between Americana and the pop genres and don’t worry about how fans interpret it, because they know that good music will always stand on its own and attract an ever-growing audience. 

Trio Of Awesuhm appear to love their craft and keep refining it while their own musical preferences continue to evolve. At their best, they imbue easy-listening organic jams with real narrative weight, tastefully coating subtle melodramatic stories in a pristine prestige gloss. 

They effortlessly move between themes that are aching and energized, vulnerable and invincible. “Cowboys&Aliens” delivers an impressive repertoire of beautifully crafted, ornate and rich songs that range from affective upbeat folk pop, to tender, melancholic and emotive melodies. 

Monica Uhm’s vocals are clean but with mountains of character that I would challenge any style of music to not suit her. “Last Night” is a nice seductive album opener which really lures you in and inspires confidence. The song’s instrumentation is in top form, especially in the guitar and keyboard areas, which gives the arrangement more force and a sense of power. 

The song is sassy, cool and collected with plenty of energy and soul. “Storyline” is one of those spirited acoustically strummed songs Trio Of Awesuhm do so well. They make songs such as this interesting with their personal perspective. 

“Love Everybody” has the potential to be one of those quieter moments during a live show where everyone is in complete awe and mesmerized by the sweetness of Monica’s voice.  The hook-filled “Begging The Radio” turns more than a casual gaze towards main stream appeal, and forges a fiery guitar solo. 

If you like those intimate slow-burning folksy moments, do not skip past “Just Hurting”, which again shows off the better side of Monica’s vocal cords. Everything about this song is stunning – it’s beautifully emotive and vulnerable with so much tenderness and honesty. 

On “Nevertheless”, Monica’s voice glows in a hypnotic, haunting way as it is supported by a shimmering piano and the keen momentum of the drums. The marching tempo of “After The Show” creates another infectious beat, together with the fiddle which is both chilling and breezy. 

“Adios” forges a funky beat with blues and rock undertones which takes Monica’s sublime vocal phrasing to another level. A special mention has to go the spectacular organ work here. “More and More” was a shock to the system, as Trio Of Awesuhm lay down some grinding rock guitar riffs to prop up the rest of the song. It’s a thunderous approach that gives the album an extra, and very pleasing dynamic. 

The album winds down acoustically with the energetic “Mighty Waters”, which features some excellent bass work. The song has some great toe-tapping moments, with an affable feel to it, and is very comforting for some reason. This ten-song collection is glorious Adult Contemporary music tinged with infectious pop and folk sensibilities, all steeped in the storytelling magic and core values that are totally Americana.

from: Mi2N Music Industry News Network on October 8, 2018 

 New Single By Trio Of Awesuhm - 'Nevertheless'

Trio of Awesuhm is not just any other ordinary band with expert musicians jamming out some tuneful sounds. They are the rhymes of a saga that come together to generate something that is far beyond the conventional definition of music and melodies. This New York-based folk band is an art that leaves behind its eclectic sculptures to cherish and listen for years to come. Singer and songwriter, Monica Uhm, is the artist and mastermind behind the accumulation of this five members group. Already quite popular with their debut album, Cowboys & Aliens, they have further reached for a bigger and better audience with a single from the album, Nevertheless, which is already going around the internet with its melodious charisma and optimistic soulfulness. 

The single, Nevertheless, is light-hearted, soothing track with pretty well-structured lyrics and synchronized vocals. Sung by Monica herself, the song starts with guitar riffs and keyboards tunes which gives the prelude a slightly illuminated grip before Monica takes over. Monica displays her flair prominently as she mouths the words and beads them into perpetual versus. With every word, her voice holds the expression of articulation and originality. 


The words are easy and meaningful and her vocals just add the much-required style that spices up the overall track. With inevitable drumming by James Kirkpatrick, the song does take quick crests but soon falls back over an evenly modulating tune. Greg ‘Glue' Schettino takes the guitar strumming in the background which is mind-blowingly brilliant and well balanced with the pulsating bass strings by Ken Dircks. Hovering over the melodious enchantment the track takes uniform pacing which marks the sheerness and remarkable tunes of folk music. 

Just as the name suggests, the basic theme of the song is diversely positive and rocks over the edges of optimism. Monica's enthusiastic vocals and folk musical arrangement generate an ambiance that is not only tuneful but packed with high sources of vibrancy and effervescence The track displays the little moments of life that come and go, to be either forgotten or remembered as a cherishing memory. Nevertheless, life is a ride over a rough roaring sea, which takes and gives in equal amounts. Filling in the positive vibes the song glides through many tough corners that are well managed and balanced by the team. The teamwork shows in each moment of the song and it is praiseworthy how so many heads can work over a single drawn craft. Truly brilliant. 

Apart from the contents and melody, a genuine word of praise goes for the recording and production unit for their endless efforts to make this single what it is today. With high-quality sound clarity and apt digital amplification, the effect of the single has enhanced several folds which is remarkable. With so many artists coming and leaving the limelight, some do leave their footprints behind. Trio of Awesuhm is one such band who would be remembered and appreciated for their present and upcoming works with greater expectation and genuine admiration. 

9.7/10 Stars 

- Jess Parker

from: Warlock Asylum on October 6, 2018 

 New York-based singer and songwriter Monica Uhm has intricately weaved a delightful buffet of organic melodies under the band moniker Trio Of Awesuhm, a name that includes the collaborative efforts of the musicians who contributed to the “cowboys&aliens” album. Monica’s vision was to originally record a folk music album, whose sound expanded into the genres of Americana, blues, country rock, and acoustic pop from the flavorings of talented artists that worked on the project The album is an intelligible journey that is uniquely soulful and warm to the ear. The single Nevertheless off the cowboys&aliens album reveals much of the musical creativeness behind the project. 

Nevertheless is a catchy tune that truly comes to life through its acoustic guitar rhythms, piano riffs, and charming bassline. Monica’s vocal performance is distinctively attractive as her melodic presentation always brings listeners into the room. The song’s lyrics are quite inspirational and encourages the listener to never give up on their dreams or bow down to ideas of relinquishing our freedoms as a nation. Nevertheless by Trio Of Awesuhm is folk music’s lucky charm.

from: Dan MacIntosh / Skope Magazine on October 6, 2018  

 Singer/songwriter Monica Uhm goes by the name Trio Of Awesuhm. Her album, a collaboration with fellow New York musicians, is a folkish collection of sincere songs.  

Many of these compositions lean toward progressive social messages, best exemplified by the determination expressed with “Nevertheless.” The album’s overall sonic vibe might remind you of Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs. Perhaps the album’s best song, though, is one with a simpler message. “After the Show” wonders aloud if love will remain, long after the romantic energy expelled during a concert. The track is a country tune, highlighted by harmonica and fiddle. The song also finds Uhm sounding comfortable and relaxed, without any political/social agenda at the top of her mind.  

“Just Hurting” is another simpler song. It doesn’t try and overcomplicate painful experiences. It also sounds to be a breakup song where the pain of separation is still palpable. Its instrumental bed is equally basic, built upon empathetic acoustic piano.  

One titled “Love Everybody” features a lyric about a free spirit, and someone that lives a simple life. Her motto: Love everybody, hurt no one. This giving girl is described as one who creates beauty just for the benefit of others. “And she’s singing out the window/Just in case there is someone [who] needs a lullaby.” One wonders if this is somebody Uhm knows; somebody who has always impressed her. Maybe, though, this is the person Uhm wants to become. We oftentimes live such self-centered lives. We don’t usually think about performing random acts of kindness, just in case a nearby person – whether friend or stranger – could really use it. “We all need a reminder/There’s love and someone cares.” It’s not unusual to feel a little guilty whenever encountering a truly altruistic individual. It can be a good thing, though, if it shames us into being a better human.  

“Nevertheless” includes a lyric that can be applied to multiple situations. It’s meant for underdogs and directed at those that may have been told to ‘just give it up.’ To throw in the towel. To call it a day. Its an anthem for those that, though advised to surrender a dream, do not give in.  

The album’s most soulful track is “Adios.” Uhm’s vocal is understated and kind of sexy. On it, she’s supported by some wonderful keyboard sounds. It features extended organ and piano parts. Uhm sounds particularly good when she’s singing lyrics in a playful manner, the way she does here. The album’s loudest track is “More And More,” which begins with a crunchy, hard rock guitar riff.  

Just as many of Uhm’s ideals are old school and time-tested, so also is her music. It’s relatively organic, at lease when compared to all of today’s high tech hip-hop and EDM. It’s the sort of album older folks will appreciate because it will remind them how music was created, back when rock & roll was still young. There’s a sincerity running through this collection of songs, which is an element that all too rarely comes to mind when listening to contemporary music. It’s a rare as encountering honest-to-goodness real cowboys and space aliens, in fact.

from: Dancing About Architecture on October 5, 2018

Nevertheless –  Trio of Awesuhm (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There are so many well constructed, clean-limbed and classic sonic lines running through Nevertheless that it immediately feels like a song that you have been humming along to all your life. That simple guitar rhythm, the plaintive piano lines, the jaunty mandolin, they may all sound familiar but the cliche that suggests that this might breed contempt certainly isn’t appropriate in this case. Sometimes familiarity breeds commendation. There’s a new cliche to stick in the book for you. 

And the advantage of having an unfussy and sleek tune, one that is happy to just get the job done rather than showboat is that the listener can then focus on the lyrics and this is something that you really need to do here. Trio of Awesuhm offer up a call to arms to all those who think that the challenges that lie ahead of them might be too much, who are afraid to tread new pathways, break new ground, to push at the boundaries and barricades. In its own supple and subtle way it’s a poignant, important and relevant message, it always has been but it somehow seems the perfect time to underline it in these dark days.

from: The Widows Peak Bandit / The Ratings Game on October 5, 2018 

Trio Of Awesuhm Tell A Soothing Story Of Relentlessness In “Nevertheless”  

I have a weak spot for feel-good music like this.  

Trio of Awesuhm (A band with an amazing name, BTW), are a Folk-Rock band consisting of Monica Uhm (Lead Vocalist and lyricist), James Kirkpatrick (Drummer and Percussionist), Ken Dircks (Bass), Greg Schettino (Lead Guitarist) and Sammy Wags (Keyboarding). The band’s chemistry is astute, and their approach to music is as natural as it gets. In their newest release, “Nevertheless,” they show both aspects to the world throughout.  

“Nevertheless” is primarily a feel-good track that has this nostalgic/organic vibe to it. The instrumental is simplistic, the words are touching, and the singing that you get from the Monica Uhm is absolutely infectious. However, what I like most about the song is its message, as it revolves around enduring the many trials and tribulations that life throws at you from time to time.  

Make sure you check out Trio Of Awesuhm’s “Nevertheless” up top!  


from: Beach Sloth on October 5, 2018

 Trio of Awesuhm goes for a stylish mixture of Americana, psychedelic rock and the blues with “Cowboys&aliens”. By far the heart and soul of the sound comes from the power of the lead singer Monica Uhm whose voice simply rises above. Her lyrics offer a great deal of playfulness to them, which are nicely supported by through the many stylistic flourishes that float above it all. Layer upon layer is applied with such precision. Instrumentally they incorporate a wide variety ensuring that the whole of the album possesses a tremendous amount of color. From soulful to introspection to a bit of tenderness, they run the emotional gamut and do so with the greatest of ease

Opening the album up with such enthusiasm in “Last Night”. Rhythms have a giddy energy to them as the song comes into bloom with the such care. Rather ornate “Storyline” at times recalls a late 60s psychedelic pop track, akin to a Jefferson Airplane sort of fervor to it. The tremendous strength of “Begging The Radio” has a yearning desire that rests in the very heart of it as they show off their undeniable chops. “Nevertheless” offers a moment of sheer optimism and joy to persevere. Folksy to its core “After The Show” has a charming beauty to it with Monica Uhm’s voice offering a reassurance of sorts. Great organ work gives “Adios” an exuberant, soulful air. With “Mighty Waters” they end the album off on a carefully considered note. 

“Cowboys&aliens” delves into a laid-back, mellowed world with the lush sounds of Trio of Awesuhm.

from: Stepkid Magazine on October 5, 2018

“When a man says he’s a dreamer, there’s nothing on this Earth that keeps him happy.” And just like that I was drawn in by the resonating lyrics of Last Night, the opening track on Trio of Awesuhm’s album Cowboys&Aliens. Trio of Awesuhm (the name for the NY based folk rock band) is only false advertising in the sense that there appears to be more than 3 members of the group. The music is awesome by any standard. I really have to hand it to “lead vocalist, lyricist and composer” Monica Uhm. While everyone plays their part well, her vocals just really carry these songs to another level. The fact that she is a powerful creative force and more than just a voice that sings or a figurehead gives an authenticity to her charisma and credibility to her brand of what she calls “philoso-folk.” She has such a wonderfully pleasant voice to listen to that when the song is over you wonder if you’ve just been hypnotized and been subliminally programmed to carry out some nefarious orders. 

There are hints of Americana sound here, and with a few twists, turns and twangs this music could easily make it into country western territory. It doesn’t quite go there though. A better way to describe this album’s sound is that it is like a less cheesy, more folk version of ABBA. The production here is excellent. Kudos to Joe DiGiorgi of Headline Studios, who apparently recorded and co-produced it. The album achieves better than (contemporary) major label production quality without sacrificing its indie folk soul. Cowboys&Aliens is contemplative and mellow, yet still keeps you moving with its consistent energy.

from: MyFunk Major Players on October 5, 2018 

 Trio of Awesuhm has been creating a nice buzz, getting great feedback and pulling in some nice numbers on the release of their "Cowboys&Aliens" project. They are currently promoting the single "Nevertheless," and if you've never heard of Trio of Awesuhm...Nevertheless is a perfect introduction.  

Their sound and style quickly take you to a time when music was filled with talent. When even the most negative concept songs, gave off a peaceful feeling from the beauty captured within the creation. And "Nevertheless" does just that. The lead vocals have a Janice Joplin presence, and the over all tune will immediately have your emotions jumping. An amazing single from Trio of Awesuhm, "Nevertheless" is currently one of my favorites from "Cowboys&Aliens" and has even sent me back to the beginning of the album, re-listening with a new ear. Check It Out Today!!

from: Act|One Magazine on October 4, 2018 

Off the album “cowboys&aliens” from Trio of Awesuhm we get the single “Nevertheless”. This album is a creation of love, passion and talent. The cornerstone is without a doubt “Nevertheless”. This song is a anthem, this song is a mantra, this song is what the world needs.  

Their sense of melody and riffs are on the level of artists like Elton John and Loretta Lynn with the punch of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.  A killer combo. The result speaks for itself.  

This song was written in the spring of 2017 and was inspired by an interview with Carl McNair, the brother of Ron McNair, one of the seven crew members aboard the space shuttle Challenger who tragically exploded in 1986. This interview ignited a spark and the story of human strength and persistency. This is the story that lets us know that we shall prevail when we persist.  

The guitar riff that starts off the song keeps sliding in and out of the song and once you have heard it, it’s stuck inside your head. This is pretty close to the perfect riff/hook. The vocal work is right up there with what Simon and Garfunkel did on the album “Bridge Over Troubled Water” from 1970. Many have tried, but no one has ever come close to copy that sound, the harmonies and melody. In my book, Trio of Awesuhm comes pretty close.  

Check em’ out!

from: FV Reviews on October 2, 2018     

 Trio of Awesuhm released their latest album on 19th April 2018. Entitled ‘Cowboys&aliens’, the album is a collection of wonderful melodies, creative talented musicians and harmonious harmonies.    

‘Cowboys&aliens’ opens with the track, ‘Last Night’. It is a magnificent opening song with sleek vocals, relatable lyrics, and driving instrumentation. The drums really make this song shine. In each section, they are doing something different whether it be playing 16ths on the high hats, hitting the rim of the snare or tom fills in the second verse. They show talent and versatility throughout. It is also a brilliant introduction to some of the other instruments we will encounter during the duration of the album such as guitars, bass, and piano.    

‘Love Everybody’ is a stand out track. It has an upbeat message from the get-go and magnificent musicianship makes the song a classic. We hear an acoustic guitar opening with interesting percussion and gorgeous piano fills. The harmonica is a joy and the lyrics are so catchy it is bound to have you singing along in no time!    

Our favourite song is, ‘Just Hurting’. It is a laid back tune with an honest and introspective feel to the lyrics. The distorted guitar in the background gives the piece texture and the harmonies are so luscious they are truly music for the soul. The slide guitar also sets this song apart from the crowd. It has a warming, inviting but also a melancholy quality to it and the piano is simply gorgeous.    

The closing song, ‘Mighty Waters’ is also a special track. It has a bass opening with a folk feel. Heavily ladened with violins, energetic drums, and interesting solos. The song is a fitting conclusion to a magnificent album.    

The production on the album is so wonderful. It is crisp throughout and allows each instrument to shine in its own way. The drums have a strong and durable sound as they provide the backbone to the songs. The violins, guitars, and harmonica accompany when they are needed and shine when it’s their time to take a solo. The vocals are warm and inviting throughout. They remind us of Mary Chapin Carpenter in places and also we can hear elements of ABBA mixed in too. Having said all of this, do not be confused, Trio of Awesuhm have a sound all of their own!    

Understandably, ‘Cowboys&aliens’ is currently receiving radio airplay from all corners of the globe! So join the wave, take some time out and check out this magnificent album today! You will not be disappointed!    

Reviewed by FVReviews October 2018