...music that will stand 40 years from now...”

— Skope Magazine

Trio Of Awesuhm

The Rundown

  • Birth of album & band
    April 19, 2018 - the debut full length studio album "Cowboys&Aliens" is released and the formation of Trio Of Awesuhm as an official band.  Album release performances at Alvin & Friends (New Rochelle) and The Bitter End (NYC).

  • Airplay 
    May 13, 2018 - first radio appearance with "More & More" on WEQX 102.7 FM The Real Alternative, kicking off a growing trend of airplay all around the world  on independent, college, community and internet radio - 
    • At least 8 out of 10 tracks confirmed with radio play to date (Batting .800!!)
    • Added to over 100 non-commercial radio stations in US & Canada.. and counting 
    • Added to over 20 independent / online radio stations in other countries around the world e.g. Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden,  Switzerland.. and counting
  • Stats/Special Mentions:
    • Week of Sep 17, 2018 - the single "Nevertheless" featured as the #1 on The Maestro's Top 10 Picks on Q108 Indie Radio 
    • Week of Sep 29, 2018  - the album included on WERU-FM's top thirty airplays the week of Sep 29, 2018 (alongside The Jayhawks, Neko Case, Willie Nelson, Boz Scaggs, etc.) 
    • Week of Oct 17,  2018 - #149 weighted / #62 unweighted on College Radio Charts  
  • Reviews/Comments:
    • “Trio Of Awesuhm is definitely on a journey to making lasting music that will stand 40 years from now” … “how music was created, back when rock & roll was still young”- Skope Magazine 

    • “Storytellers with something worthwhile to say and saying it so beautifully to a broad audience. “ -Tunedloud 

    • “[the songs] .. run the emotional gamut and do so with the greatest of ease.“ - Beach Sloth 

    • “Their sense of melody and riffs are on the level of artists like Elton John and Loretta Lynn with the punch of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.  A killer combo. The result speaks for itself.” - Act|One 

    • ”Authentic band and voice among tons of [automatic] music” - Seventies Berlin 

    • "What a great album to listen to you - each song captivating you. No way I can pick a favorite." - Randy Skaggs, Q108 Kingston 

    • ”The production on the album is so wonderful. It is crisp throughout and allows each instrument to shine in its own way" - FV Reviews 


Trio Of Awesuhm is a NY based musical collective launched by long-time singer-songwriter Monica Uhm.  As a “serial collaborist”, a small contingency of local musicians she’s met through the years gathered together in the studio to bring some of her marquee songs to life over the winter of 2017/2018.  The result is the release of the full length album "cowboys&aliens" in April 2018.  

Against all conventional advice, Monica purposely chose not to release this recent album as a solo artist even though she is the exclusive writer and lead vocalist.  She embraces the fact that bringing songs to its fullest expression always takes a village.  More than twenty local musicians appear on the album, ranging from seasoned pros to novices, who have each made unique imprints to these recordings.  The formal banding together of some of the project musicians as Trio Of Awesuhm was a natural offshoot.     

The album title “Cowboys&Aliens” itself is a nod to the frivolity of putting labels on anything and yet it probes the question of what is native and what is extra-terrestrial in music and in life.  The sound is bit of a kitchen-sink twist on American.  Self-labeled philoso-folk, the songs stitch together elements of various influences that at its heart is folk and Americana but healthily doused in rock, pop, country and even funk/soul.   The eclectic nature of the tracks has been explained as a "soundtrack for life's literal and figurative road trips" - and interestingly one notable characteristic is how the album has been described by listeners as great for long car rides.  

The current line up for live shows include: 

Monica Uhm  - lead vocalist, lyricist and composer.   Her songs have been described as "catchy tunes with intelligent lyrics".  Her past projects include fronting a  number of rock and alternative bands prior to focusing on solo folk(ish) projects.   In former bands, she has played in long-gone downtown NYC venues such as the Elbow Room, The Lion's Den, Kenny's Castaways, Spiral Cafe.  She still regularly plays solo acoustic performances in the wider NY area and collaborates with other musicians.   ( See www.monicauhm.com for more information on solo projects)

James Kirkpatrick - drummer and percussionist.  James has played, recorded and toured with various independent rock and alternative bands through the years.  He is also currently a member of The Mighty Fergusons, a popular Westchester based band that regularly plays at top venues such as Garcia's and the Brooklyn Bowl.  

Ken Dircks - bass (upright/electric).  Ken is a ubiquitous musician in the Westchester music scene, tirelessly leading and contributing to a number of local area ensembles, events and programs as a curator, organizer and performer.  The eclectic range of his current projects span from traditional jazz (The Ken Dircks Trio) to garage punk rock (Suzy's Garage).   

Greg "Glue" Schettino - lead guitarist.  Greg is a highly trained and versatile multi-instrumentalist, studio engineer and producer.  He is a member of various eclectic funk-based bands and is an in-demand touring musician for other artists.  One of his bands, Mr. Clifford Band, recently opened for Michael McDonald at the Tarrytown Music Hall.

Sammy Wags - keyboardist.  Sammy Wags is also a highly trained multi-instrumentalist, studio engineer and producer.   Also a member of Mr. Clifford Band, as well as a number of other musical projects.  

We look forward to sharing our music journey with you.  

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