Trio Of Awesuhm is a New York based folk-rock band whose eclectic sound can best be described as "philoso-folk on the rocks".   It is the stage name and band moniker of singer-songwriter Monica Uhm representing the most recent recording collaboration with a small army of diverse and uber-talented musicians she's met through the years.  The debut album is called "Cowboys&Aliens" which has a common hint of Americana across all the tracks but draw heavily from the eclectic musical experience and interests of its members.  

The core members  of the live band and touring version of the Trio Of Awesuhm include -   

Monica Uhm  - lead vocalist, lyricist and composer.  Monica is a singer-songwriter whose style is self-labeled "philoso-folk".  Her past projects include fronting a  number of rock and alternative bands prior to focusing on solo folk(ish) projects. www.monicauhm.com.

James Kirkpatrick - drummer and percussionist.  James has played, recorded and toured with various independent rock and alternative bands through the years.  He is also currently a member of The Mighty Fergusons. www.facebook.com/TheMightyFergusons

Ken Dircks - bass (upright/electric).  Ken is a ubiquitous musician in the Westchester music scene, tirelessly leading and contributing to a number of events and programs.  His current projects include an eclectic range from jazz (The Ken Dircks Trio) to punk garage rock (Suzy's Garage).  www.facebook.com/kendirckstrio

Greg "Glue" Schettino - lead guitarist.  Greg is a highly trained and versatile multi-instrumentalist, studio engineer and producer.  He is a member of various eclectic funk-based bands and is an in-demand touring musician for other artists. One of his bands, Mr. Clifford Band, recently opened for Michael McDonald at the Tarrytown Music Hall. www.gregschettinomusic.com.

Sammy Wags - keyboardist.  Sammy Wags is a highly trained multi-instrumentalist, studio engineer and producer.  Also a member of Mr. Clifford Band, as well as a number of other musical projects. 

The actual band name Trio Of Awesuhm is the frivolous byproduct of trying to resolve the conundrum of  what to call the artist of the album.   Against all conventional and expert advice, Monica purposely chose not to release the album as a solo artist since the magic of the recordings took a village who contributed in unique and personal ways to the songs.  

Our creative process is simply #justshowup and the belief that we are all #bettertogether.


The first full length studio album "cowboys&aliens" was  released in April 19, 2018.  The album was recorded and co-produced with Joe DiGiorgi of Headline Studios, who has worked with a number of major labels and artists in the past.

We are excited that the album features so many of our musical peers which has enriched the experience and output. 

Also appearing on the album:

Matt Graff - www.mattgraffmusic.com & www.thekoopstudio.com
Jon Cobert - www.joncobert.com
Dan Asher - www.facebook.com/dan.asher.12
Nicole Alifante - http://nicolealifante.com
Anna Jacobson
Eric Katz

Evan Molho 
Jorge Delrio
Kevin Ryan

The Winters Family 

The Bowerman Family 

It's been a truly serendipitous journey and we're excited to share the happy cacophony with you.  

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#justshowup #chooseawesuhm #peaceandpancakes


The Bitter End NYC July 2018 (photo credit: Cindy Dircks)

The Bitter End NYC July 2018 (photo credit: Cindy Dircks)

The Buzz on "Cowboys&Aliens" 

"Authentic band and voice among tons of [automatic] music - we like it, and merge well with our eclectic Seventies playlist" - Seventies Berlin

"What a great album to listen to you - each song captivating you. No way I can pick a favorite." - Randy Skaggs, Q108 Kingston

"The production on the album is so wonderful. It is crisp throughout and allows each instrument to shine in its own way. The drums have a strong and durable sound as they provide the backbone to the songs. The violins, guitars, and harmonica accompany when they are needed and shine when it’s their time to take a solo. The vocals are warm and inviting throughout. They remind us of Mary Chapin Carpenter in places and also we can hear elements of ABBA mixed in too. Having said all of this, do not be confused, Trio of Awesuhm have a sound all of their own!" - FV Reviews 

Features & Press


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Milestones & Stats

#1 on The Maestro's Top Ten Picks - Movers & Shakers featured on Q109 Kingston week of September 17, 2018

#24 in the top thirty recording airplays at WERU-FM week of September 24, 2018

Album added to over 80 non-commercial radio stations in the US and Canada as of Oct 10, 2018