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the interview with VENTS Magazine

VENTS Magazine indulged Monica with a limitless word count in a Nov 15th interview that provides some hints as to what goes on inside the mind of a philoso-folkster. The first (and perhaps last) time delving into the concepts and creative precursors into an artistic journey and less so the heavy-lifting of producing the album itself.

Feel free to sample over a few sittings. The onset of linguistic vertigo may actually require it. The side effects of panoply.

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Making (air)waves!!  We're getting indie radio love from all corners of the world!! Songs that made their airplay debut:  "Storyline", "Begging the Radio", "Nevertheless", "Adios", "More and More" ... batting .500 on a debut album is quite Awesuhm!!!   (See About page for more information)


musings and ramblings.... interview with VENTS Magazine 

First snowfall last night Thursday November 15th 2018... and with first snowfall comes the urge to curl under a blanket with a good read... how about this fresh-pressed interview with VENTS Magazine?  Huge thanks to VENTS for the opportunity and the generous word count!!! (Wonder who holds their record for most verbose; or abuse of parenthesis; or non-sequiturs; or semi-colons; or disjointed pop culture references. Asking for a friend) 

For those that often wonder what the heck goes on in this head of mine, this interview might give you a clue. This is the first time (and perhaps last time) going more into prologue of the creative and artistic journey and less so the heavy-lifting of producing the album itself which we've shared in bits and bites ever since the album release. 

Feel free to sample over a few sittings. The onset of linguistic vertigo may actually require it. The side effects of panoply. (I bet you're googling "definition of panoply" right now. Or you should. It's a glorious word.)


Trio Of Awesuhm: The Making Of A Band 

Have you ever wondered how it happens... how you pull together several musicians who are notoriously unscrupulously existentially disheveled and herd these hip cats into a harmonious team that make beautiful music together?  We share our secrets with our new short "rockumentary" (I actually typed "mockumentary" but I like the auto-correct suggestion so I've kept it.   Here it is, our recipe book for how to fake - I mean make - a band...

You're welcome.  Don't forget to like us / follow us by clicking the icons above.  And check out our new album!!


More & More 

A belated post on our first radio debut of "More & More" on WEQX The Real Alternative 102.7!!  Happened at 7:17 on Mother's Day 2018.  This album morphed in so many directions but we thought it was still heavily grounded in folk.  It's interesting that our most alternative rock cut of the album was the first to make it on the airwaves.  We couldn't be more thrilled!  Come see us rock out live with a one-two punch at The Bitter End on Tuesday July 17th, 9pm.  We're going to cover a lot of musical ground and its going to be uhmazing!!  


Each song on the album has their own unique random journey. But none is as ambitious in spite of its serendipity as "Nevertheless".   The song was written in the spring of 2017 in the swirl of the world events at the time, the themes of which, for better or worse, are timeless.  It started from a guitar riff that spilled out in a last minute decision to get in even 10 seconds of guitar practice before rushing out the door.  The opening verse wrote itself one day, inspired by a StoryCorps interview with Carl McNair, the brother of Ron McNair, one of seven crew members aboard the space shuttle Challenger that exploded in 1986.  The 2011 interview can be found here The childhood anecdote of Ron McNair kicks off a series of vignettes that reinforces the immutable resilience in humanity in spite of personal and social obstructions created by insecurities in humanity.  This song is an anthem.  We prevail when we persist. 

Get ready 

Final mix/mastering underway, and getting ready for the album release on April 19th.  Cowboys&Aliens has morphed into both the familiar with just a hint of weird, courtesy of all the happy accidents along the way.  Join us for the album release gig, which will be equally unscripted and left to the devices of the uber-creative and talented musicians.  #justshowup.  

Greetings, we come in peace and pancakes 

The content on this website is currently in development as we focus on wrapping up our debut full length studio album.  This project had no master plan and is unveiling itself note by note.  We've been having a great time seeing what happens when you #justshowup.  As we test this site we will be uploading progress tracks for a limited time on the Music page.   We can't wait to share this with you soon, so as they say, watch this space.... !!