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the interview with VENTS Magazine

VENTS Magazine indulged Monica with a limitless word count in a Nov 15th interview that provides some hints as to what goes on inside the mind of a philoso-folkster. The first (and perhaps last) time delving into the concepts and creative precursors into an artistic journey and less so the heavy-lifting of producing the album itself.

Feel free to sample over a few sittings. The onset of linguistic vertigo may actually require it. The side effects of panoply.

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trio of awesuhm - unplugged(ish)

Sidewalk Cafe NYC, 94 Avenue A, New York, NY

Free Show. Special stripped down line up that is jazzier, folkier, quirkier and loosier, featuring new songs not yet released. Monica Uhm, Ken Dircks and Christopher Derhammer-Hill

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